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pascale bercovitz

Inspiring woman  and symbol of excellence ,  Married + Two.    She Lit  the  torch at the main ceremony of the State of israel in the 66th  independence day. On December 13, 1984, on her way to school, she slipped on a train platform, fell under the wheels of a moving train, and as a result her two legs were amputated. For two weeks, the doctors struggled for her life when Berkovich spent six months in a hospital.  from there she grew up, fulfilled her dream  and immigrat to Israel to volunteer in rhe IDF. In July 1985 she left France and immigrated to Israel.  she was taken from  the airport  to an IDF base in Julis,  to a room that had been hers during her military service. During her military service (1985-1987) she began to lecture for a Jewish soldiers and communities around the world about her life story.  In addition, Pascal began to learn to swim with swimming coach Margalit Sonnenfeld.

Since 1989, she has been swimming in the Israeli national team, for the goal to compete in the 1992 Paralympic Games in Barcelona,  but in 1991 she left the team because of economic reasons in coordination with her coach and developed a successful media career. In 2007, Berkowitz was asked by Dr. Roni Bolotin, chairman of the Paralympic Committee, to join the Israel Paralympics Academic Team, just ten months before the deadline to  achieve the Olympic criterion for participation in the Games. Berkowitz accepted her request and in 2008 she represented Israel in the Paralympic Games in Beijing, where she was ranked 8th. After the Beijing Olympics, Pascal moved to the hand-bike industry. In 2009, after the birth of her second daughter, Pascal returned to intensive training in order to represent Israel at the 2012 London Olympics in the handbicycle industry. In 2012, she represented Israel in the London Paralympic Games in the handbicycle industry, and in the climbing world championships, she reached fourth place. Berkowitz is now practicing an Olympic kayak for the Rio 2016 Olympics

Pascal wrote two books that became best sellers,

- The Dolphin Smile - published by Robert Le Pen in French (1999). Sold more than 700,000 copies and was translated into 15 languages. In Israel, the book was published in Hebrew by Matar. - The Animal Message - published by Robert Le Pen in French (2001). Translated into 6 languages.

She is currently a sought-after lecturer for companies, organizations, educational institutions and more. Her lectures deal with breaking boundaries and self-realization. In each lecture she relays in her special style, the audience between laughter and tears, and gives practical tools for creating change. With 20 years of experience in the lectures, Pascal reaches the most prominent companies and organizations in the world . Over the years, Pascal has become a model of adhering to the goal and dealing with extreme and stressful situations. More than half a million people have already heard it all over the world and many of them are a turning point that influenced their lives.

Lectures / Seminars

  • In her moving lecture "Against All Odds",
    Pascal Berkovits brings the story of her incredible struggle
    Since she lost   both her  legs in a serious train accident,
    pascal  in every lecture stris the crowd again.
     she serves an example of targeted effort,
    courage, striving for excellence and relentless optimism
    Pascal is an Olympic athlete and has participated
    in three Olympics in three different sports.
    The latest was in Rio's olympic in  2016 in the roding kayak  branch .
    Pascal, a mother of two daughters,
    a lecturer and writer occupying each time
    Renewing her audience and passing it between laughter and tears,
    Empowers and demonstrates that there is nothing that stand infront of your will.   

    Her Inspiring and amazed  life story, 
    demonstrates in practice how to deal with limitations
    And situations of stress , while taking responsibility,
    coping with changes, self-fulfillment and excellence.

    Duration: 1 hour
    Technical requirements: Madonna or mobile microphone
                             Projector and barco + amplification
                           a  Stand for your laptop
                             A bar stool or a high chair