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חנה קזיינבה מייננקו

Hanna Knyazyeva-Minenko is one of the world leading Women Triple Jumpers. 
2nd in world championship 2015, and 4th in London 2012 Olympics. x

Born in 1989, Hanna represented Ukraine till the age of 22 when she migrated to Israel following her love and marriage to Anatoly Minenko.

Hanna is now an Israeli citizen, living in Israel and representing Israel around the globe and in all major competitions.

In 2012 Hanna achieved 4th place in the London Olympics. In 2015 she progressed to 2nd in the world, at Beijing athletics world championship. x
4th London Olympics 2012

3rd Europe 2015 

Personal best of 14.71 

4th (Global world ranking) 2013

1st place Morocco, Rabat-world challenge 2013

2nd place diamond league Paris 2013

3rd place diamond league London 2013

6th place Moscow world championship 2013

2nd place Zagreb, Croatia world challenge 2013

Israel Champion 2013

Israel Champion 2014

Israel International and National record holder in Triple Jump and Long Jump

  • תאריך לידה: 25.09.1989