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My story, at least at the beginning, is not much different from the story of another 
Thousands of women and men.
 Like many others I also had been   a "couch potato" (I must admit).
Until the age of 40 I was overweight, tried too many diets that failed, was generally unsatisfied, inconfident and lacked belief that I could really better my life, be healthy and loose weight
To my delight, I succedded  to change. The change happened when I stopped dieting
And started to live a healthy lifestyle, in the broadest sense of the word.
I began to pay attention to all aspects of life and not just what I eat and how much
Sports I do.
On the way I realized that the way to maintain a balanced weight for a guest is to keep this time On balance, in all areas of life.

The way made me change my story, the way I was taught about choice,
Commitment, responsibility, perseverance and many other things.
But the most important thing I discovered was that I could.
Today I know that - anyone can.

with love
michal .

  • Date of Birth: 25.08.1967